The agency

What you have to know about dalibri

„We love what we do!“ This is a fact that inspired the foundation of our agency and is noticeable in every project. At dalibri, experts from different specialist fields with years of project experience that are generally used to working alone have partnered up in a small and flexible team. The goal: Providing medium-sized companies with individually developed data and software solutions – swiftly and free of the same old lengthy responsibility procedures of large software companies.

Each team member at dalibri is a highly qualified expert in his field. Whether you simply require the expertise of a single team member or the accumulated competency of the whole staff – e.g. for a big project or the outsourcing of design and implementation of complete software applications: From us you get exactly what you need.

It’s not only our extensive specialist skills that make us a strong partner, but also the experience that every single team member brings into the mix: We have participated in numerous projects from the most diverse domains, optimising work flows effectively and sustainably, improving usability and increasing the business outcome. This treasure trove of experience makes us a favoured partner for time-critical projects because we can draw from that experience and provide results in a timely manner.

We work straightforwardly, efficiently and swiftly – without never-ending inter-divisional meetings and long coordination and decision-making processes. Our goal for each customer project: Identify, analyse and resolve problems, simplify processes, increase the business volume. We are not interested in building spectacular tools but in quickly finding effective solutions to provide our customers with monetary results. We see ourselves as problem solvers that enable companies to continue the processes implemented by us on their own and profitably after the project has been concluded.

That is why dalibri does not offer laborious and expensive standard programmes with featues that are irrelevant to the individual needs of a company. We build individual customer solutions. Quickly, efficiently, with straightforward communication and short contact routes. At dalibri, customers might not always get what they expected, but always exactly what they need.