Digital transformation and system optimisation cannot always be achieved with standardised solutions and products. Especially areas like E-commerce, industry software or process digitalisation in the logistics industry often require special or additional functionality or at least the individual adaptation to the context and existing work flows. That doesn’t leave much room for failed attempts. At dalibri we know that. That is why we create reliable and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our strength is to solve time-critical problems efficiently and quickly, to recognise potentials at an early stage, to increase turnover sustainably and/or reduce costs effectively – thus perfectly complementing the in-house teams of our customers. For one, that requires an integral consultation in respect to the software and data lifecycle. With our help, our customers increase the controllability, sustainability and future viability of their digital processes and products. After all: Having a good product or service just isn’t enough anymore. Only a convincing total package satisfies end users and is a sensible investment in the digital transformation and the optimisation of the corporate systems and products.

You require additional functionality of the software products used in your company, a systematic data analysis with usable results or an improved User Experience of your existing products, e.g. a new operating concept for your apps? Or would you like to evaluate new data sources and implement a reporting system that is really up to date? We develop the right solution – quickly and reliably.

Data Analytics

Analysing large data sets (Big Data) in a way that the acquired insights can be used specifically and profitably – no longer just a “nice-to-have” in industry and E-commerce applications. With our data analysis we start where standardised tools break down

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User Experience (UX) Design

User Experience – the key criterion for the success and acceptance of a software, app, website, etc. What is used by whom and how? And what do users expect? Companies that can answer these questions, will always be one step ahead of the competition. At dalibri we can provide these answers.

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Software Development

Depending on the industry, developing a system software and connecting it to external partners in the supply chain can be very challenging. A challenge that standard products often cannot master. dalibri provides custom-made and sophisticated software solutions that integrate perfectly into your corporate processes.

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