Software Development

Our goal in respect to software development is to provide tools that enable our customers to digitalise and optimise processes. These tools are always individual and tailored to the in-house processes. Depending on the industry, commercial, standardised software programmes do not provide the required functionality or interfaces. In logistics it is often about the centralised collection of data. Especially industrial software must fulfil very complex demands. The control of automation devices must be ensured, interfaces to programmes like SAP or the connection to systems from external suppliers in the supply chain be provided.

You would like to simplify time-consuming, complex processes and control several peripheral devices faultlessly? You require tracking of your employees in danger areas via smartphone or tablet and an audit-compliant documentation, ideally including video and photo material? At dalibri, your digitalisation project is in best hands. We perceive ourselves as consultants and problem solvers.

The more complex the demands, the more enthusiasm you can expect from us. We analyse the problem, develop a plan and design customer-specific software solutions that take into account all required parameters, from the output and the business model to the employees. From the problem or the idea to the software – with dalibri a calculable process.