Data Analytics

In the digital age, data ranks among the most important assets for companies. But big data remains ineffective, if it cannot be used in a productive and faultless manner or require too much resources. If mistakes happen here, all subsequent processes will be affected and the gain for the company will fail to take effect. The internal IT department is often not equipped for these kinds of challenges.

By means of our data analyses on the basis of customer-specific questions, we check the system for bugs and weaknesses, identify problems as well as potentials, and develop an individual solution. dalibri provides specific information and forecasts on elementary challenges, e.g. how sources of error can be eliminated sustainably, sales targets can be achieved and profit margins can be increased organically.

We take all relevant parameters into account, like the potential of a product, the use of different systems or even the users themselves. The more complex a product or a system, the higher the demands to the analysis. By means of Data Analytics, large data sets can be analysed in respect to hidden patterns, correlations and forecasts. Errors can be corrected and business models adapted in a way that they become profitable (once more). By using targeted data analyses, the experts of dalibri show the way for such tasks and help the companies to remain competitive in the long run.

Here is an exemplary list of some of our services:

We support our customers in better understanding their data in order to make informed, data-centred decisions and be able to systematically analyse the success or failure of certain measures – even without our help after the project has been completed.